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Rick Ward, former guitarist for Satisfaction, entered into rest on Thursday April 8th, 2004 after a short battle with liver disease. Rick portrayed the legend of Keith with all of his heart and soul while he was in the band. I honestly believe Keith himself would have been proud to see Rick in action. Rick Ward leaves with us many outstanding memories for family and friends to cherish forever. The band would like to express their most heart felt condolences to Rick's family.

A memorial concert was performed in his honor in Bossier City,Louisiana on Sunday May 16th at Cash Point Landing. Dozens of friends, fans and family along with several great bands were there to pay respect to Rick. This hopes to be an annual event in his name in association with charitable organizations.

In closing...Rick's final show was on Friday, February 20th, 2004 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Rick had been ill for several days on tour, but after a night in a Bradenton hospital he suddenly felt recharged to play again. I clearly recall him walking into the sold out show hearing the crowd chant..."Keith...Keith"...while many reached out to touch him. Rick took the stage, strapped on his Telecaster and removed his sunglasses to see the crowd waiting in anticipation. I'll never forget the grin on his face as he tore into the opening chords of "Street Fighting Man". On his final show someone from above gave him the strength to carry on...and the glory of the leave him with a wonderful memory of what he loved to do.