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The year is 1969. The end of the sixties and the greatest decade that clearly defined the term "modern pop culture". Movies, television, fashion and most importantly music all turned from gray to a kaleidoscope of colors across the modern world. Rock  & Roll was undoubtedly born in the fifties, but it came of age during the span of the sixties. Little did we know that in England the British were coming to America for a second time. The new invasion was led by young lads armed with guitars, long hair, sex appeal and fantastic songs combining America's own rockabilly and rhythm and blues into an exciting new sound. The Beatles opened the door and stormed America with charm and forever changed the popular musical landscape. The Rolling Stones kicked the door off the hinges and rushed in with a sneering attitude and edge to complete the victory. The words "rock group" and "rock & roll band" were now created and forever etched into history. Thousands of groups would follow suit, but in the end it all comes back to these two iconic bands who took America and then the world. Sold out audiences were mesmerized and the records flew off the shelves. But as their careers and unparalleled success soared they never had a real opportunity to perform together. As the decade progressed so did their music. Studio technology advanced and both groups enjoyed more time recording and exploring musical experimentation of less pop and more rock. They also took different paths in regards to live performance. The Beatles performed their last live show in early 1969 as The Rolling Stones were planning the first real major rock tour of the times. Large outdoor musical festivals may have become a popular concert setting, but these two iconic groups were beyond any such mixed bag format.   


So in late 1969 let's imagine if they had reached out to one another with an idea. Let's put together a historical event to close out the sixties. A one night  show featuring the two biggest rock & roll bands of all time on stage together. A worldwide media event and spectacular show that will be remembered in the history of music as the greatest concert ever.


You Can't Always Get What You Want....but now ladies and gentlemen...they Come Together...and You Get What You Need.


Please visit www.gimmeabbey.com for more information




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